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Sherrin, Rick RSherrin at winnipeg.ca
Wed Sep 12 07:36:27 PDT 2007

Good morning,

I was wondering if the "Web Localization via Embedded Cues" feature
could be enhanced to not just provide a link to the search, but rather
pre-search and display an appropriate icon, depending on the search

I have seen some Firefox scripts that do this, and as a result display
context specific icons or messages, something like "Hey, The X library
has a copy" or, "No copies at X library".

Rick Sherrin


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Subject: [LibX] LibX for IE ready for download

It is my pleasure to announce our first version of LibX for IE. You
should be able to create a downloadable version for IE the next time
you rebuild a revision in the edition builder. The downloadable
executable should then show up in your revision test page.

Except for cues, we believe this version to be functionally identical
to the Firefox version. Cues are currently only implemented for 3
sites. LibX IE is intended to work in both IE6 and 7.

LibX for IE was written by Nathan Baker as part of his MS thesis. All
of the credit goes to him.

Please give it a spin and let us know about issues you may encounter.

 - Godmar for the LibX Team
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