[LibX] openurl and ISBN (+ problem on ubuntu feisty)

salvatore.vassallo at chela.it salvatore.vassallo at chela.it
Fri Sep 7 06:44:34 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I've seen that libx doesn't allowed to search isbn with
openurl (for example if I select a ISBN code and try to
search ISBN from contextual menu, I get invalid issn), even
if the openurl is able to search isbn (i.e sfx, metalib).

I guess that there is a techinical reason. In the future
will libx support searching isbn with openurl?

Second question: I see a problem with ubuntu feisty.

Now after some update (previously everything works fine) the
directory "libx" in firefox profile on a ubuntu machine (I
don't know if it's only a ubuntu choiche, I test it on three
different pc but all with ubuntu) has a different

Before (I don't know when, sorry): drwxr-xr-x (755)
Now (whith a clean profile): drw-r--r-- (644)

And so it can't save contextual menu preferences


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