[LibX] IE verson stlil beta?

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Fri Oct 12 18:58:47 PDT 2007

I'd say so.
There are still a couple of issues to resolve, for instance, tabbed
browsing doesn't work etc.
That said, if you feel comfortable, link to it. (The URL listed in the
edition builder will not change.)

 - Godmar

On 10/12/07, Jim Campbell <campbell at virginia.edu> wrote:
> Do you still consider the IE version a beta? I don't use it a whole lot, but
> haven't seen problems with it under XP or Vista. I also asked our staff to
> try it and have never had a problem report.  That could be apathy, but I
> have seen people using it.
> Basically I'm wondering about encouraging public use.
> Incidentally, speaking of staff use, one of the best selling points for LibX
> in a Sirsi library is that it's so much faster than Sirsi's New Search.
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