[LibX] checking EZProxy for proxyability

LibX Project libx.org at gmail.com
Mon May 14 09:19:06 PDT 2007

We recently added support for an interesting EZProxy feature into
LibX. Read on if you're using EZProxy in your edition.

EZProxy provides a web interface that allows it to be queried whether
a given URL could be proxied by it. LibX, if so configured, can query
EZProxy to learn whether an attempt to reload a page through the proxy
would be successful. In this case, LibX will adjust the label in the
context menu item dynamically to either "No access to
www.publisher.com via EZProxy" or "Reload www.publisher.com via

To use this feature, you must have set up a password as described in
Note that this password will be distributed with each copy of your
LibX edition, so a) don't use this feature if this is not acceptable
to you and b) obviously don't use a secret password. Chris indicated
that in future versions of EZProxy this service may no longer require
a password.  (It will of course still be under the discretion of the
EZProxy administrator to activate or deactivate this service.)

In LibX, add "$proxy.urlcheckpassword=....." to your config file.

This feature will send a request containing the current URL whenever
the user right-clicks on a page. This request is sent as POST request;
according to Chris Zagar, EZProxy will not log the content of such
requests (in other words, it will log that a query occurred,
including the requesting IP address, but it will not log which URL the
user inquired about.) Nevertheless, end users can turn off this
functionality in the newly created LibX preference panel.

The functionality is currently included in the VT Bleeding Edge
edition if you'd like to try it out.

 - Godmar

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