[LibX] Center for Research Libraries

Price, Jared PRICEJ at Grinnell.EDU
Thu Jun 21 10:36:40 PDT 2007

I am brand new to experimenting with the LibX project, and am very excited about what I've been able to figure out so far.  That being said, I have been unable to set up the necessary elements of the configuration file to allow users query the Center fro Research Libraries catalog.  If anyone successfully implemented this and would be willing to share the settings require to accomplish this, I would greatly appreciate the advice.

I am building my own copy of the extension, and have been successful with that portion.  I simply cannot figure out the needed settings for the CRL.  The following are the settings I think should work, but do not:


Anyone have any ideas?

Jared Price
Curricular Technology Specialist
Grinnell College

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