[LibX] Searching for eleectronic journals by title

Ed Jones ejones at nu.edu
Thu Jul 19 14:59:56 PDT 2007

The search actually performed in the e-journal portal is "title contains
all words", and you're right: the second time the search retrieves the
appropriate title (along with other titles that lack the "of").  This
makes me suspect that a stoplist doesn't kick in until the second

Ed Jones

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Let me add to your puzzlement, Ed.  We also have Serials Solutions and I
two results when I search for chronicle of higher education, the obvious
and also Chronicle of Kinesiology & Physical Education in Higher

But here's where it gets really interesting. If I search for "Journal of
accounting education" I get no results. Do "Journal accounting
and I see it. But then if I go back and try again to search "Journal of
accounting education", this time it works. I've done that for 3 titles
that's the consistent pattern.
- Jim Campbell
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> This may have been dealt with in an earlier post, but I find 
> that when I use the LibX toolbar to search for electronic 
> journals by title, it returns an empty set if I include a 
> word such as "of" in the title.  For example, the title 
> search "chronicle of higher education" returns a "0"
> response from our e-journal portal, while "chronicle higher education"
> returns the expected entry for the Chronicle of Higher 
> Education.  I'm puzzled because I'm unable to reproduce this 
> zero result when I search directly in our (Serials Solutions) 
> e-journal portal.
> Ed Jones
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> University (San Diego, Calif.) 
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