[LibX] LibX cuts off long text areas in web forms?

Steve Toub stoub at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 21 17:13:25 PST 2007

LibX Project wrote:
> That said, for now:
> users don't have to disable or uninstall LibX - simply turn
> autolinking off for those pages.
> If edition maintainers consider this an unacceptable flaw, set
> $libx.autolink=false which removes the autolinking functionality of
> LibX for their users.

seems to remove the "Autolink pages" option from the menu altogether, 
not allowing the users ability to turn autolinking on if they want.

Is there a way to configure things so that "Autolink pages" is unchecked 
by default but users have the option to check it if they so choose? I 
poked around in a few config files but the only thing I saw was either 
true or false, not a hypothetical:





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