[LibX] LibX cuts off long text areas in web forms?

Nicole Hennig hennig at MIT.EDU
Mon Feb 19 12:56:01 PST 2007

I just heard from an MIT student who is having this same problem.  
(see his message below) He mentions that it's a problem in editable  
fields in Moveable Type, for example.

Nicole Hennig

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> From: Jacob Glenn <jkglenn at umich.edu>
> Subject: [LibX] LibX cuts off long text areas in web forms?
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> I've heard some reports of this, but didn't quite believe it until  
> I saw
> it for myself. For longish text areas the text will be cut off upon  
> form
> submission. I've also had problems editing wiki pages (the page text
> will appear truncated in the edit tab). The only evidence I have that
> LibX is at fault is the fact that this problem only appears when I've
> installed it and goes away when I remove it.
> Jake

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> From: Eric Klopfer <klopfer at MIT.EDU>
> Date: February 17, 2007 12:38:57 PM EST
> To: betas-lib at mit.edu
> Subject: mit libx in mac firefox
> Hi
> I thought I'd report some difficulties I seem to be having with  
> libx.  I'm running firefox on an intel mac.
> With libx installed I get some text fields that are regularly  
> truncated.  for example a text field that should have 50 scrollable  
> lines of text in it cuts off at line 40.  This doesn't seem to be a  
> function of text field size, as some long text fields work.  But  
> others regularly get cut off (i.e. they just stop and you can't  
> scroll down any further).  I've isolated this to libx after  
> shutting off all other extensions in firefox.
> The one that I've noticed the most frequently are entries and  
> fields in movable type, but there have been others.
> For now I've disabled this extension, but I would like to use it as  
> it is quite useful.
> Thanks
> Eric Klopfer

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