[LibX] LibX cuts off long text areas in web forms?

Dan Scott denials at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 12:00:20 PST 2007


This is a known problem with autolink.user.js. By reading the
comments, you can see that it resolves back to a Firefox bug that
won't be resolved until Firefox 3.0:


    * This triggers a memory leak bug in Firefox (bug 241518).
    * This triggers a dataloss bug in Firefox when editing long Wikipedia pages
(bug 315997)


I heartily discourage the use of autolink for exactly this reason.

Dan Scott

On 19/02/07, Jacob Glenn <jkglenn at umich.edu> wrote:
> I've heard some reports of this, but didn't quite believe it until I saw
> it for myself. For longish text areas the text will be cut off upon form
> submission. I've also had problems editing wiki pages (the page text
> will appear truncated in the edit tab). The only evidence I have that
> LibX is at fault is the fact that this problem only appears when I've
> installed it and goes away when I remove it.
> Jake
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