[LibX] RE: LibX vs. Conduit & JVP SFX Toolbar Search

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Sat Sep 23 15:31:08 EDT 2006

On 9/22/06, davef <davef at library.nrl.navy.mil> wrote:
> The features of Conduit are great, but every click of every button is
> bounced thru their server.  It has the potential for unmonitored data mining
> and therefore can not be used at a military research laboratory.
> I think LibX should move in the direction of a web based configuration tool
> like Conduit. The ability to read an external XML file that generates a
> drop-down set of menus would be great. One of the great features is that
> Conduit allows you to add HTML/JavaScript into the toolbar.

Please see my reply with Subject "LibX future plans" for a reply with
respect to general directions & development philosophy. We agree in
many aspects.

As for being able to add your own JavaScript/HTML. LibX doesn't use
HTML, it's written in XUL. We also couldn't render HTML, except in the
content window by adding client-side JavaScript as Greasemonkey does.
(BTW, where does your JavaScript appear?  In the content window -
could you send me a screenshot of what that looks like - off the list,

I believe that adding a Journal/Volume/Page option can be done in the
existing extended bookmarklet framework of LibX, and can be done so a
lot simpler than coding a form. Simply add the drop-down options for
it, and specify an OpenURL using the extended bookmarklet syntax.
However, if a lot of people like to have the option of JVP in their
SFX, or OpenURL resolvers in general, we could add it to the base
source, making configuration as easy as saying "sfx" and specifying
the options these additional options.

Until now, we recognized that some OpenURL resolvers double as
"E-Journal Lists", which is why we added them to the Toolbar as
supported catalogs, offering Title & ISSN as search options. The
assumption was that users would use a tool such as Scholar or another
OpenURL-enabled database to locate items, rather than typing in JVP
manually. That said, it's easy to add.

On a related note, I should also mention that LibX provides GM-like
functionality in that you can associate JavaScript code with each
page. I think there's an example in the FAQ. However, this
functionality is not supported through the current configuration files
(and won't likely be supported through the future web-based
configuration interface, either.) If you'd like to offer such scripts,
you would either have to use GM, or build your own edition.  Instead,
we envision this functionality used to implement such services as
COinS or unAPI once they've been prototyped and shown to be useful
elsewhere, and are then deployed to a larger community.

 - Godmar

> This allows for a custom Journal/Volume/Issue/Page/Year SFX Search feature!
> I have included the javascript code for our SFX Journal/Vol/Page (JVP)
> Search below – it should work with any SFX server by adjusting the server
> address variable (sfxBaseURL). If LibX could some how allow for this script
> to reside in the toolbar, most of my problems would be solved.  Having a
> Toolbar that allowed SFX Searching by JVP is the main feature required here
> at the Library.

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