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Fri Sep 22 11:39:48 EDT 2006

There is a TYPO in the last line of the script.


It should read:




instead of 






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Subject: RE: [LibX] RE: LibX vs. Conduit & JVP SFX Toolbar Search


The features of Conduit are great, but every click of every button is
bounced thru their server.  It has the potential for unmonitored data mining
and therefore can not be used at a military research laboratory.


I think LibX should move in the direction of a web based configuration tool
like Conduit. The ability to read an external XML file that generates a
drop-down set of menus would be great. One of the great features is that
Conduit allows you to add HTML/JavaScript into the toolbar.  


This allows for a custom Journal/Volume/Issue/Page/Year SFX Search feature!
I have included the javascript code for our SFX Journal/Vol/Page (JVP)
Search below - it should work with any SFX server by adjusting the server
address variable (sfxBaseURL). If LibX could some how allow for this script
to reside in the toolbar, most of my problems would be solved.  Having a
Toolbar that allowed SFX Searching by JVP is the main feature required here
at the Library.







var sfxBaseURL = "http://***.***.***.***:3210/sfxlcl3"; 


var sfxCoreURL = sfxBaseURL+"/cgi/core/citation-linker.cgi";


      function OpenWindow(url,winname,w,h,needChild) { // Standard function
for opening an sfx menu window [for ARTICLE]

          if (typeof winname == 'undefined' || ! winname.length) winname =

          if (typeof url     == 'undefined' || ! url.length) url = '';

          var child;

          if (!w && !h){ child =

          }else{         child =



          if (needChild) return child;



      var inH  = "<INPUT TYPE=\"HIDDEN\" NAME=\"";

      var inTx = "<INPUT TYPE=\"TEXT\" CLASS=\"sm\" VALUE=\"\" NAME=\"rft.";


      document.write("<STYLE TYPE=\"text/css\">.sm,.smb

      document.write("<TABLE BORDER=0 CELLPADDING=\"0\" CELLSPACING=\"0\"
BGCOLOR=\"white\" BORDERCOLOR=\"white\">");

      document.write("<FORM NAME=\"OpenURL\" TARGET=\"SFXmenu\"
onSubmit=\"OpenWindow('','SFXmenu');\" ACTION=\""+sfxCoreURL+"\">");


      document.write(inH+"ctx_ver\" value=\"Z39.88-2004\">"+inH+"rfr_id\"


value=\""+sfxBaseURL+"\">"+inH+"__citation_form\" value=\"article\">");

value=\"contains\">"+inH+"doi_id\" value=\"doi\">"); // * contains||exact
for title_search

      document.write(inH+"pmid_id\" value=\"pmid\"><TR><TD CLASS=\"sm\">");

      document.write("Jrnl "+inTx+"jtitle\" size=\"20\"

      document.write(" Yr "+inTx+"year\" size=\"4\"> Vol "+inTx+"volume\"

      document.write(" Iss "+inTx+"issue\" size=\"3\"> Pg "+inTx+"spage\"

      document.write("<INPUT TYPE=\"Submit\" NAME=\"Submit\" VALUE=\"Go\"
CLASS=\"smb\" STYLE=\"background:lime;\">");






*       Dave :+)






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Subject: RE: [LibX] RE: LibX vs. Conduit


I confess I am still in investigatory phase looking at these tools, so I
cannot yet address the functionality/convenience/cross-platform capability
issues that I understand are much of the issue....  


But I'm still having trouble getting around potential violation of patron's
privacy. My thought is does the library-endorsed Conduit toolbar deserve a
disclaimer somehow?  Does it really meet the standards that we have for
protecting patron's confidentiality?  Among many gray areas of online
privacy, this feels a bit grayer to me..... 


Michael Price

Cal Poly SLO

mprice at calpoly.edu 



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Subject: [LibX] RE: LibX vs. Conduit


I understand that completely.  Unfortunately, LibX does not have an IE
version and it also does not have all of the other features possible through
Conduit.  I wish it did.  I would drop Conduit right away.  I have complete
control in Conduit over the pull down menus I create using XML.  My changes
show up in the toolbars within 15 minutes.  LibX is also too OPAC centric.
Our students and faculty like the search box in Conduit where they can
change the search engine or database being searched.  The OPAC search in
LibX is actually much more powerful than it needs to be for most users.  The
toolbar should just use a simple keyword search.  LibX target audience is
power users not the general population.  We want to reach the general user.


Please do not take me wrong in this discussion.  LibX is a great tool and
should continue to be developed.  I think it needs to broaden its intended
audience to include IE users and non-power users.


Bill Drew

drewwe at morrisville.edu


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Some information about Conduit:


Every click or search is logged.

See http://www.digg.com/software/Firefox_Digg_Toolbar#c3130228


Our test version of LibX does NOT send usage back to any server other than
the one it is targeted to.


Dave :+)




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   1. Re: Adding a second OPAC & other questions (LibX Project)





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Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2006 20:11:36 -0400

From: "LibX Project" <libx.org at gmail.com>

Subject: Re: [LibX] Adding a second OPAC & other questions

To: "Drew, Bill" <drewwe at morrisville.edu>

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On 9/8/06, Drew, Bill <drewwe at morrisville.edu> wrote:


> I am currently experimenting in a big way with another toolbar


> that allows me to have a menu based on an XML file hosted on my


> I have had over 100 people download it since I made it public a few


> ago.  Unfortunately that has not been the case with our Libx toolbar.


> of the reason is that our campus is a Microsoft shop and I can't


> that.  The Conduit toolbar is available for both Firefox and IE.  I


> much prefer to use Libx if it had more of the capabilities of the


> toolbars.


What capabilities does Conduit have that LibX lacks, aside from support for

We discuss other toolbars here: http://libx.org/faq.html#QG1a - for
instance, we will not "Cookie Cleaners" and similar nonsense.



> My questions:


> 1. Can a second OPAC be added to the Libx toolbar?  SUNY now has an


> based union catalog.


You can add as many catalogs as you like. See other config files for


> 2. Is it possible to have nested menus in Libx?


You mean on the left?

Not currently, but we could add that if people requested it.


> 3. Will Libx ever be set up to access an XML file I host locally and


> change without sending a new config file to you?


We are working on a edition maker interface, similar to what Conduit is
providing. However, the config file would probably still hosted on libx.org
- you'd be using the edition maker interface to maintain it and build new
editions. I don't see any advantage in requiring you to host an XML file.


Already, because LibX is freely available, you can build your own editions
and host them, like for instance Dartmouth and some other libraries do.


> 4. Will there ever be an IE version?


We are welcoming anybody's contribution. If we will have the resources to
develop one ourselves, depends on funding, among other issues.

Stay tuned.


 - Godmar





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