[LibX] LibX question from a faculty member

Rob Casson rob.casson at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 09:57:00 PST 2006

> The alternatives are to go through a gateway that provides a REST
> interface and returns either XML or some other easily parseable
> format. III's xmlopac product is a possible alternative that we could
> integrate. We don't have that product here at VT, so it hasn't moved
> to the top priority on our list, but it is an option we have
> considered.

we have this, and it's "pseudo-documented"...yes, i'm looking at you,

here's additional documentation that some of us have cobbled together:


and FWIW, i think they've stopped selling the product.

that wiki has some code examples doing various things, including
transforming their horrific xml into opensearch/RSS results

also, just another plug for the Indexdata folks and their apps...i
haven't released any public products with their stuff, but the
combination of zebra/yazproxy is quite powerful.

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