[LibX] UI Bug in LibX under FF 2.0

Richard Karnesky karnesky at northwestern.edu
Mon Nov 20 13:27:27 PST 2006

> I finally got around to installing Firefox 2.0 on my Mac, and I've 
> noticed a small amount of weirdness in the way the LibX toolbar is 
> displayed. It's the horizontal alignment of the toolbar elements - the 
> search drop-down, "clear" and "scholar" buttons are slightly askew. Can 
> anyone confirm this? I know it's a tiny nit to pick but thought I should 
> report it.
Do you mean "vertical alignment?"  On the Mac version of Firefox 2 here, 
the center of each subsequent button is slightly above the one before 
it.  Linux and Windows Firefox2 look fine to me.  I haven't tested on 
SeaMonkey (has my patch been committed to CVS yet)?

> LibX and Zotero make a killer combination, by the way. Is anyone 
> promoting this combo on campus?
Not on an institutional level over here, but we do on a facility level. 
   We have a central literature database in refbase (which now has 
support for COinS) & users are informed of LibX and Zotero.  Most of the 
visitors to the database who use it at least once a week and have 
Mozilla browsers have at least downloaded LibX from us.

Since Zotero can't really integrate with the writing process yet, we 
encourage Bibus/JabRef/Endnote.  Endnote (free to users at our 
University) is the most frequently used (and RIS the most commonly 
downloaded format), but LaTeX users do use JabRef & OO.o users (of which 
there are few) do use Bibus.


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