[LibX] Deploying LibX in a computer lab

Jonathan Jiras jjjwml at rit.edu
Fri Nov 10 11:47:09 PST 2006

Hello LibXers:

We are creating a new image to deploy LibX 1.1 with FF 2.0 in a PC Lab.

We are having trouble getting the LibX Toolbar to appear when regular
users log in.
It appears fine with admins log in.

When users log in, they get a default profile which includes the libx
folder in their 
Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles directory.

So it is not a problem with logging grabbing the copying the files. It
seems to be solely a permission thing.

One thing we noticed is that in our old image -- which worked fine --
(FF 1.7, LibX 1.1) the libx extension was installed at: "C:\program
files\mozilla firefox\extensions"

But in the new image, it is installed to 


We would rather not have to change permission for anything in the
WINDOWS/system32 folders, so...

1) Is there a way to force installation to "C:\program files\mozilla
firefox\extensions", and
2) What specific permissions on what specific files are required for
regular users?

Anyone have any general guidelines on installing LibX in a lab setting?


Jon Jiras
Library Technology Specialist
RIT Libraries
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY 14623
jjjwml at rit dot edu

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