[LibX] use of %

Mark Mounts mark.mounts at Dartmouth.EDU
Wed May 31 16:26:05 EDT 2006

Hi Libx,
I have been working with your plugin via cvs and have a question regarding the 
use of %(t,Y etc.) in the variable(s) $catalog(1..n).catalog.url= to indicate 
where the search string will be placed in the url. Can the symbol % be replaced 
with some other symbol?

Using the % causes the plugin to fail if the url has other characters 
represented by % like "[" which can be represented by %5B or "]" by %5D

for example the follow url in the plugin works fine


but this url does not work in the plugin


another case where this is important is in our WebFeat service where their url 
is using "&" both as itself to separate parameters and as "%26" when they are 
passing it in a parameter value. Again "%26" breaks the plugin.

Is there another way I can work with this?

Mark Mounts

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