[LibX] autolinking support added

Godmar Back godmar at gmail.com
Mon May 8 10:35:06 EDT 2006

We added an autolinking feature to LibX, similar in style to that
provided by the Google Toolbar or other Linkification/Linkify
extensions. This feature examines pages for embedded ISBNs, ISSNs,
DOIs, and Pubmed IDs and links them to the primary catalog/OpenURL

The edition configuration decides if the feature is included in an
edition or not. The user decides whether the feature is active or not.
For large pages, this feature has the potential to be computationally
expensive. For this reason, the task of linkification starts 100ms
after the page is loaded, and proceeds in small chunks done every
20ms. For the pages we tested, this does not appear to have any
noticable impact of the user's experience, but more testing is needed
to be sure.

Some pages take countermeasures (for instance, B&N and ecampus.com
don't like their ISBNs to be linked to Amazon's site, which is what
the Google toolbar does by default.) We respect those countermeasures
(i.e., we do not take counter-countermeasures to override them), so
there may be pages where items are not autolinked that would otherwise

The code was based on a greasemonkey script written by Jesse Ruderman,
who agreed to its inclusion in LibX. We made significant changes to
it, however.

The current display style is such that LibX-created autolinks have a
1px wide dotted line at the bottom - in addition to whatever styling
for links the current page does. This can be changed by setting a
configuration variable in the about:config dialog. For instance,
setting libx.autolinkstyle to "1px solid orange" makes the line 1 px,
solid, orange. It can be turned off as well, in which case those links
blend into the design of the original page.

Let me know if you'd like to try it and we enable it in your test
edition. We would probably enable this by default in 1.0.3. You can
also see it in action the VT Bleeding Edge edition and in the test
edition (dedicated to Jeremy Dunck with its 8 catalogs) at

We welcome your feedback.

 - Godmar

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