[LibX] Support for bookmarklets added

LibX Project libx.org at gmail.com
Tue May 2 21:44:13 EDT 2006

A number of additions that may be of interest to you for your edition.

- Support for bookmarklet-style search options.  This is similar to
Firefox Smart Keywords, except that they support LibX's now
programmable drop-down options. For example, Willamette has a
homegrown journal finder that they wanted to include as an additional
catalog 2 in their dropdown box. These configuration option allows
that now:

$catalog2.catalog.name=Willamette Journal Title List

The "%jt" in the URL is replaced with the search term the user inputs
in the "Journal Title" field when a search is run.

- Support for adding SFX & SerSol's Journal Linker as catalog options.
This is beneficial if you use SerSol's Journal Linker service, but get
your OpenURL service from elsewhere (Ohio State is an example.) 
SerSol used in this fashion now supports searches by ISSN as well.

- Various fixes to COinS so it works with SerSol's 0.1 OpenURL
resolver as well as support for OpenURL 1.0 - so far only for COinS,
not in the resolution.

Let us know if anybody would like these features integrated into their
edition. While the bookmarklets allow searching anything, keep in mind
LibX's guiding principle, which is to be library-focused, and not
become an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink kind of tool.

 - Godmar

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