[LibX] selectable dropdown options for each catalog & subject searches

LibX Project libx.org at gmail.com
Tue May 2 00:00:02 EDT 2006

1. We added support for searches by Subject headings to Millenium,
Aleph, Sirsi, Horizon/IPAC, and Voyager.

2. We added an option "Journal Title" to the drop-down options.

3. We added a way to determine, for each configured catalog, what
search options should be displayed in the dropdown menu on the left
and in what order. These are specified using a semicolon-separated
list of codes. The default for a regular catalog is Y;t;a;d;i;c which
means Keyword, Title, Author, Subject, ISBN/ISSN, Call Number in that
order.  The default for an OpenURL resolver (unless you've disabled it
via dontshowintoolbar!) is simply "jt" for Journal Title.  This will
make it more obvious that OpenURL resolver don't usually support any
searches beyond Journal Title, and only two we know of do that:
Serials Solutions & SFX. More documentation is in the config file for
the vt edition.

4. Only Millenium currently supports Journal Title searches, and it
maps them to regular title searches. So if you want true journal title
searches for other catalogs, let me know how to run them or don't put
"jt" in your drop-down options.

5. If you have an Aleph catalog, you need to specify
$aleph.subject=WSU or whatever your Subject index if you want Subject

The right-click menu and the cues are still not multi-catalog enabled,
they will always refer to your primary catalog.

Let us know if you want something different from the default for the
catalogs configured in your edition and we can put it in your test
edition for you to try out.

 - Godmar

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