[LibX] Re: LibX Version 1.1

LibX Project libx.org at gmail.com
Tue Jul 25 12:30:38 EDT 2006

I'd like to add two comments regarding the 1.1 upgrade.

For those who have already replied and ok'd their editions, we have
pushed the update. http://libx.org/editions.php now lists the version
an individual edition is at.

Note that Firefox will not pick up the update right away, it may take
1 to a few days until it notices the availability of the update. (*)

Secondly, for those with edition homepages, make sure that your
edition homepage lists the correct version number. For those who have
screenshots: the right-click menu screen shot and the cue screenshots
should still be ok; if you wish to be perfect, you may have to redo
the toolbar screenshot (although the visual changes are rather small
and so might not justify the effort.)

 - Godmar

(*) The reason is that the file describing the last available update
("update.rdf") is subject to caching. This means that even if you go
to Tools -> Extensions and then click "Find Update" you will not see
the update, even though it has been pushed!  If you wish to force an
automatic update of the new version, you have to first clear your
cache by going to Tools -> Clear Private Data and making sure the
"Cache" is selected (but other things you might want to keep are not
selected), then hit "Clear Private Data Now!", and only then will
"Find Update" in the Tools->Extension menu see the update.

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