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For SFX, we support journal title and ISBN/ISSN out of the box.

You can use the bookmarklet syntax if you need more functionality such
as Journal, Volume, Page. See
http://libx.org/libx/src/editions/nrl/config for an example.

There was a discussion whether we should add journal/volume/issue/part
more prominently. David Forrest from NRL said at some point he's
considering providing a patch for such support.

Personally, I envision that the most common use of OpenURL is where
the exact information for the openurl comes from a database such as
Google Scholar, so the user wouldn't have to enter it. But, clearly,
in some fields (e.g., physics & chemistry), entering JVP may be
fastest. We are considering providing "smart" support for it, like
with ISBNs where you right-click.

 - Godmar

On 12/14/06, Michael Price <mprice at calpoly.edu> wrote:
> I found my answer (no) -- thanks. Perhaps this will be supported in future
> editions?
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> Subject: [LibX] question on OpenURL support
> I'm new to LibX and early in testing...
> I'm wondering if we can add more options to the search form input to OpenURL
> resolver (SFX in our case) -- e.g. can we add additional indexes (year) to
> have more "Citation Linker" -like functions? Out of the box only searches by
> Journal Title...
> thanks for any help
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