[LibX] Re: Multiple options (indexes) for type=bookmarklet

Richard Karnesky karnesky at northwestern.edu
Sat Aug 19 11:18:22 EDT 2006

> In COinS processing, we only place a link if genre is book or article.
> I think that came from my reengineering of Openly's code. I don't mind
> changing that if $openurl.version=1.0 is set
If it isn't set, I think the proper behavior would be to strip out the 
format.  Many 0.1 resolvers would still do something useful if the 
dissertation had an ISBN, for example.

> - but I'd prefer it if
> you showed me an example where a) a COinS with a different genre is
> placed on an actual website
I honestly don't know how common these are "in the wild."  Many 
databases do still list these as books.

There are certainly multiple generators which include the dissertation 
format & there seems to be nothing to _discourage_ using it, except for 
the legacy processors and resolvers out there.

> b) an OpenURL resolver exists that does something useful.
Proquest supports that format:
(I tested it & it works.  Let me know if your institution doesn't 
subscribe to this.)  This does seem quite useful.

You can also set targets in SFX for different dissertation abstract 
servers, and some institutions state that they have set it to proquest 
or another abstract service.  (I haven't tested these, though.)

 > I don't like adding features I can't test.
I understand and agree with this.  I think that, at the very least, you 
can test ANY valid COinS markup against ANY resolver if you strip out 
the format.

Because of both the 1.0 spec and the support by Proquest, I'm inclined 
to specify dissertations as such in the COinS output of refbase (as in 
the mock-up).  I'd welcome any comments (off of this list, as it isn't 
directly related to LibX) from anyone who thinks this might not be 
"reasonable and prudent."


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