[LibX] Re: Multiple options (indexes) for type=bookmarklet

Richard Karnesky karnesky at northwestern.edu
Fri Aug 18 23:42:13 EDT 2006

> I think LibX should at least detect and show _ANY_ span with a 
> class=z3988 & be able to _try_ to submit it to the OpenURL resolver. 1.0 
> resolvers may know what to do with it.  I don't know if it would be 
> appropriate or not to pretend that a 'dissertation' is a 'book' for 0.1 
> resolvers who wouldn't know what to do with a 'dissertation' format.
Ah...I should read more closely.  Also from the COinS page:

"By removing "rft." from the book and journal referent metadata keys the 
OpenURL can be made functional for all known 0.1-only resolver systems."

So the official suggestion is to hand off the rft as-is to 1.0 systems & 
to strip it for 0.1 systems.


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