[LibX] Re: Multiple options (indexes) for type=bookmarklet

Richard Karnesky karnesky at northwestern.edu
Fri Aug 18 13:16:47 EDT 2006

>> - Ross: I don't understand how COinS would come in at all. Could you explain?
> However, COinS (in applications like RefBase, where's there's a natural relationship) would be a simple, standardized way to parse the data in the page.
I've posted a few examples of COinS markup in refbase.  The actual 
implementation may differ, depending on input from developers and users. 
  However, you're welcome to see it:
One thing which I noticed is that LibX only recognizes the journal and 
book formats.  Are there plans to support:
and other "alternative" formats?

> - Richard: That said, for refbase in the very short term we might be
> better off to just write a JavaScript class. The code was recently
> rewritten to be more object-oriented, so using JavaScript's
> inheritance mechanism adding another catalog is really only a few
> lines. I'm happy to do it if you send me a public catalog I can test
> on.
Thanks for the offer!  You should probably use the following catalog for 

The best way to use refbase as a catalog will probably be to use our 

Here's the code:

Here's the documentation:

Here's an example showing the relevant search fields:

Given the plethora of query syntax for other catalogs, I do continue to 
think an improved bookmarklet-style would be nice.


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