[LibX] Re: Multiple options (indexes) for type=bookmarklet

Jacob Glenn jkglenn at umich.edu
Mon Aug 14 12:34:26 EDT 2006

I would also like to voice support for better URL options in LibX 
bookmarklets. In order to make LibX consistent with the search features 
offered elsewhere on our library's website I need it to offer multiple 
search options for our E-journals database and for Metalib quicksearch 
sets. This requires using a different url for each search option in the 
bookmarklet, which I don't think I can currently do. It would also be 
really nice if I could define local search options for each catalog 
instead of making global changes.

I've had several people suggest adding support for Google Book Search. 
Some books (but not all) include a link to Open WorldCat, and ISBNs will 
work if the user has autolinking turned on, but adding a cue would be nice.


Richard Karnesky wrote:
>> It would also be much simpler to just nip the bud at the source and
>> have COinS implementations for these services.  It would be really
>> nice to see COinS for RefBase.
> We will embed COinS in the future.  This way, anyone with LibX (or 
> other clients) can stumble onto a refbase installation at another 
> institution, but use their preferred OpenURL provider.  (We already 
> allow an OpenURL provider to be specified server-side in the CVS 
> version.)
> However, adding a more general bookmarklet to LibX would enable a 
> customized version of LibX to use a refbase installation as a catalog.
> I thus think these two features (COinS in refbase & a better 
> "bookmarklet" for LibX) address unique concerns & both features will 
> be useful.
> --Rick
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