[LibX] Re: Multiple options (indexes) for type=bookmarklet

Richard Karnesky karnesky at northwestern.edu
Sun Aug 13 17:41:42 EDT 2006

I have just started to play with the libx.  I was interested in adapting
it for use with refbase:

To do this, it would be convenient to create custom URLs with multiple
options, similar to how Steve Toub describes in a post last month:

The reply to this was:
> Not sure what to do about it.
> One option certainly is to support that catalog, which would involve
> writing another JavaScript class for that particular catalog that
> implements a makeSearch, makeAdvancedSearch, and supportsSearch
> method, as shown in the LibX source in the files centralsearch.js, or
> in the libxBookmarklet class in libx.js
> Another option may be to make the bookmarklet syntax a little bit more
> flexible to accommodate these scenarios. Let me think about that.
I just wanted to voice interest for the second option.

I think there are many data providers out there which could be accessed
via bookmarklet-like syntax which contained multiple options.  It would
be nice if it was simple to modify only a few properties to add these
kinds of resources, rather than to have to write a JS class for each one.

Thanks for the useful Firefox extension,

Richard Karnesky

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