[LibX] Q.: different images for OpenURL cues vs normal cues?

LibX Project libx.org at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 10:17:51 EDT 2006

Would there be interest in distinguishing between a cue that leads to
an OpenURL (such as on Scholar, or when a COinS is encountered), and a
cue that links to the catalog via other means such as title or ISBN?

I'm thinking of logos that were already designed to point to the
OpenURL resolver, such as "Get it @", "More!", etc.

A disadvantage would be that the user would now need to associate two
visual images with LibX, and a second potential disadvantage would be
size/invasiveness and the corresponding potential for disruption of
the original page's layout; advantages would be size (more prominent,
potentially) and consistency with an OpenURL promotion campaign a
library might already run.

This would be an option; if not given by the edition designer, it
would default to the default cue icon.

 - Godmar

ps: Annette and I made several improvements to libx.org over the
weekend, including a list of "in-testing" editions and we made an
additional edition live; they can be seen from the Editions button on
Also, we created a boilerplate page for distributing live editions, an
example is shown here:

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