[Jsprintsetup] request feature, raw direct printing?

christian audebert christian.audebert at wanadoo.fr
Wed Mar 26 06:17:54 PDT 2014


I use for now the meadco scriptX component in ie for mastering printing. It
make the job, but, the problem stay. it run only with IE. L(

It's a big problem, because most users have old ie6, 7 or 8, and it' a
nightmare to keep an application working on all this versions. And I'm
searching again  for html5 compliance..

But now, I want to offer to my users a full html5 compliant service and a
real web experience.

I cannot stay in the past for a sake of compatibility with ie8/7/6 ..

I want to change to a modern html5 browser, and jsprint help me to do this
choice. It wil be firefox. 

It can run on an every systems running actually (win, linux, mac, android?)
and offer a same rendering and functionality on all systems.


And  now, I'm searching a particular feature, like raw printing, allowing to
send directly to the printer the script command codes for printing, in epl2
for zebra thermal printers, or escp /escp2 for Epson matrix printers.

It's a really helpful feature, allowing to print natively on any printer, by
submitting direct script in raw native mode form. 

You can control  all real printing job aspects and don't need to pray the
driver to make correctly his job. 

By submitting raw script from javascript page or by web link to load and
print command code directly from server, it will be a great, decisive

And in plus, with security (domain acces control), users want this, want to
regain control,  and silent printing.. a dream..

Can you think to do.??


Thank for your attention..





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