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Sat Dec 3 05:49:33 PST 2011


Thanks for the help.

I solved the problem by setting the paper size in the printer driver.
Leaving the printer is already set, not needing to use the plugin to set the
paper size.

So the responsibility is for the printer driver. I used the plugin just to run
a printing press.

Thank you.

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Marlesson R. O. de Santana
Graduado em Ciência da Computação - UESC
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On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 04:44, Dimitar Angelov <mitko at edabg.com> wrote:

> Hi Marlesson,
> First case will not give results, because FF don't get attention of what
> set for options paperHeight and paperWidth.
> I think that this is possible only with Paper Handling Methods.
> Unfortunately FF don't give possibilities to use arbitrary paper sizes.
> Paper sizes that you can use must be defined at first by your printer
> driver specific to platform. That is considered also and for custom paper
> sizes. They must be defined first in underlying printing system specific to
> platform.
> FF work with printing system in different ways for different platforms and
> in particular paper size definitions are different for Windows and GTK for
> example. You can read more at:http://jsprintsetup.mozdev.**
> org/reference.html#ENHANCED_**PAPERHANDLING<http://jsprintsetup.mozdev.org/reference.html#ENHANCED_PAPERHANDLING>
> I will recommend to follow procedure described in following post:
> http://www.mozdev.org/**pipermail/jsprintsetup/2011-**June/000058.html<http://www.mozdev.org/pipermail/jsprintsetup/2011-June/000058.html>
> Please provide feedback for your success.
> About extending extension functionality any contribution and ideas are
> welcome.
> I'm happy that extension is useful for you and we will work in the feature
> to extend and support it.
> Regards
> Dimitar Angelov
> On 22.11.2011 20:39, Marlesson Santana wrote:
>> Hello,
>> JsPrintSetup I'm using and I am struggling to scale the size of the paper.
>> The size of paper that I use is 50mm X 25mm, the price tag.
>> I am using the windows platform the code below and could not result.
>> /...
>> jsPrintSetup.setOption ("paperSizeType" jsPrintSetup.**
>> kPaperSizeDefined);
>> jsPrintSetup.setPaperSizeUnit (jsPrintSetup.**kPaperSizeMillimeters);
>> jsPrintSetup.setOption ("paperWidth", width);
>> jsPrintSetup.setOption ("paperHeight", height);
>> .../
>> Another implementation that has been tried using the Paper Handling
>> Methods. With the code below:
>> ...
>> /jsPrintSetup.**undefinePaperSize(119);
>> jsPrintSetup.definePaperSize(**119, 119, 'na_etiqueta', 'na_etiqueta_mm',
>> 'Etiqueta VIDA', 50, 25.40, jsPrintSetup.**kPaperSizeMillimeters);  //
>> value 100 is not scope in / Windows Paper Size number
>> <http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-**us/library/dd319099%28v=vs.85%**29.aspx<http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd319099%28v=vs.85%29.aspx>
>> >
>> /jsPrintSetup.**setPaperSizeData(119);
>> ///...
>> The problem with this method is the PD, I have not found one for the
>> size of the paper cited.
>> Would have any way to create a PD specific to this paper size? Or just
>> use the ones that are pre-defined in Windows.
>> Working in a software company in Brazil Ilheus, Bahia. We love the
>> extension and we are available to help on something to continue the
>> project.
>> Att,
>> Marlesson R. O. de Santana
>> Graduado em Ciência da Computação - UESC
>> Programador Web (PHP, RoR, JAVA, MySQL, SQLServer)
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