[Jsprintsetup] Receipt Printer Paper

Samuel Compton samcompton at gmail.com
Sun Apr 10 17:10:32 PDT 2011

I'm trying to use JSPrintSetup to correct a problem I am having with a web
based point of sale program (phppos).  My problem is that my printer waste 4
inches of paper on every receipt printed.  I have installed JSPrintSetup and
pasted some sample code that lets me change margins and does silent print.
 That all works perfectly.  I think I need to stipulate paper size in
JSPrintSetup.  I would like to set the paper size as 72mm wide with a
variable length (roll paper).  I just don't understand the script how to do
this.  Can someone help me with these variables?  I am running PHPPos 11.2
on Ubuntu 10.10 with a Star Micronics TSP-100 Thermal Receipt printer.
 Thanks again if someone can help.
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