[Jsprintsetup] header margins

Dimitar Angelov mitko at edabg.com
Thu Sep 2 02:58:09 PDT 2010

This may be result from Printable Area of the printer. Are you tested to 
set Page Header, Footer and margins from File|Page setup?
Is the same result?
You can post part of your code to see for other source of the problem.
For example this can be any other javascript error that break script 
execution and not execute line with set marginTop.



On 02.9.2010 г. 00:33, David Henderson wrote:
> Gang,
> I've recently installed this add-on for FF and hopefully it will make my
> life much easier. I've done some preliminary testing, but immediately
> ran into a problem. I removed the header and footer contents, but I
> can't see a way to remove the spacing they use. I can edit the
> marginTop, marginBottom, etc, but the space allocated for the header and
> footer don't seem to be affected. Did I over look something or is this
> not able to be done at all?
> Thanks,
> Dave

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