[Jsprintsetup] Printing in columns

Dimitar Angelov mitko at edabg.com
Sat Jul 3 13:14:11 PDT 2010

Hi Simon!

This is option is implemented by printer driver and is not accessible by 
firefox interfaces. This also valid for any other printer driver 
specific options like Duplex printing (like Print of Both Sides with 
Flip On Long Edge or Flip On Short Edge), Paper Source an so on.
I suppose that reason for this is that these are printer specific 
feature while FF manipulate printer independent print features.
I think also that future support for CSS 3 paged media that all browsers 
support only particular will require more control over these features.


Dimitar Angelov

On 02.7.2010 г. 17:30, Simon wrote:
> Hello All
> Is there a way with jsPrintSetup to control how meny columns get printed
> on a page? or
> In the firefox print dialog there is an option (Pages per sheet) is
> there a way I can control
> this with jsPrintSetup?
> Thank you
> Simon Luijk

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