[Jsprintsetup] Printing txt files

Dimitar Angelov mitko at edabg.com
Sun Nov 22 22:50:38 PST 2009

There is no method to print text file, but you can use alternate 
solution with frame(iframe) to do this.
This frame ca be hidden with source '/url/bla.php' and to do print you 
can use jsPrintSetup.printWindow method.
Another case is if your '/url/bla.php' generate html you can put on body 

I hope that will help you!


Dimitar Angelov

Mack Paul wrote:
> Hello guys:
> I need to know if your javascript program can print ascii text file 
> direct to the printer.
> For example.
> var myTextFile = ajax.get('/url/bla.php');
> jsPrintSetup.setFile(myTextFile);//only text file, not image file
> jsPrintSetup.print();
> is it possible?
> Thanks.

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