[Jslib] jslib:about doesn't work

David VANTYGHEM david.vantyghem at free.fr
Thu Jun 28 13:44:17 PDT 2012


I just tried with Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition version 3.6.28, it 
works. But it doesnt work with recent version of Firefox (Mozilla 
Firefox 13.0.1 on Mint and Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition 13.0.1 on 
Windows XP). Something changed with recent versions of Firefox (security)?

Le 27/06/2012 22:04, David VANTYGHEM a écrit :
> Hello,
> I Installed jslib on Mozilla Firefox 13.0.1 on Linux Mint. It appears 
> in the extensions list (see joigned screenshot). But when I type 
> jslib:about in the URL bar, I've got this message :
> L'adresse n'a pas été reconnue
> Firefox ne sait pas ouvrir cette adresse car le protocole (jslib) 
> n'est associé à aucun programme.
> Il est peut-être nécessaire d'installer une autre application pour 
> ouvrir ce type d'adresse.
> -> In english (approximately) :
> The address wasn't recognized
> Firefox doesn't know how to open this address because the protocol 
> (jslib) isn't associated with none program.
> It is perhaps necessary to install another application to open this 
> sort of address.
> Is it normal?
> Thank you for your help
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