[Jslib] Where is the newest jsLIB.xpi?

Cyril Malka cyril at malka.fr
Sun Nov 6 07:58:48 PST 2011

Hello Pete,

On 06/11/11 17.46, Pete Collins wrote:

> Yea, I installed that build on my mac here w/ no problems.

I really don't understand what happens.

> Maybe try to remove the old install?

It has been removed a long time ago

> Also try removing the xpi file if it exists:
>    ~/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/<generated
> code>.default/extensions/\{DF8E5247-8E0A-4de6-B393-0735A39DFD80\}.xpi

It doesn't exist.

Here is a screendump, can you see any extension that could be a prior 
version and could make a mess in all that?



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