[Jslib] Where is the newest jsLIB.xpi?

Cyril Malka cyril at malka.fr
Sun Nov 6 07:35:56 PST 2011

On 06/11/11 17.19, Pete Collins wrote:

> Yep, this is the build I installed on TB 7.x
>    https://www.mozdevgroup.com/dropbox/jslib/jslib_current.xpi

I still get this compatibility message on my Mac. I tried to change the 
file's name, it didn't change anything, I tried to download a new 
version of Thunderbird, in English, didn't change anything...

Can there be a conflict? should I delete something somewhere?

I could install it on my Windows machine, but I rarely use it, so it is 
a pretty new install. It is not on my Mac where I have many mails and all.



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