[Jslib] Is this still maintained?

KristleBawl KristleBawl at some.email
Tue Apr 19 12:57:14 PDT 2011

 From spencenaz at cox.net:
> KristleBawl wrote:
>> Is the jsLib extension still being maintained? I keep looking for an
>> update at http://jslib.mozdev.org/installation.html but no joy.
>> The current version does work in Fx4 for TagZilla, using Addon
>> Compatibility Reporter, but is listed as incompatible.
>> I'd really very much like this useful extension updated for the future
>> releases, too.
> install Nightly Tester Tools, then choose to "force compatibility"
> then miraculously, JSLIB & Tagzilla install just fine
> sean

Yes, ACR does that, too. Thanks!

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