[Jslib] Seamonkey 2 is here

Marcelo mcblista at terra.com.br
Tue Oct 27 18:24:04 PDT 2009

Well, Seamonkey 2.0 Final hit the servers today. I finally migrated my
profile. I'm going to miss the Pinball theme and Multizilla, but...
well, the new Gecko engine is worth it. I hope eventually to replace
most of their functionality with other extensions. However...

Many extensions still have to be checked/updated and tagged as
"Seamonkey 2 compatible." JSLib, for instance, only installs by setting
extensions.checkCompatibility to "False" on about:config... but then it
seems to run fine. Tagzilla (the main reason I use JSlib) has a modified
version at xsidebar.mozdev.org that is tagged as "2.0 compatible", and
seems to run fine too. But the "official" version complains (although it
probably works).


... <------------- Space for SALE! ------------>
* TagZilla 0.0661 * http://tagzilla.mozdev.org on Seamonkey 2

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