[Jslib] Problem with jslib in Firefox

Enno Fennema e.fennema at tiscali.nl
Wed Nov 11 01:16:02 PST 2009

Pete Collins wrote:
> Enno Fennema wrote:
>> On Firefox 3.x installed extension jslib. In chrome file script like
>>     var date = new Date();
>>     dump(date + "\n");
>> works fine but unable to get something like
>>     var gFile = new File("/tmp/jslib.dat");
>> to work.   
> This should work. You are including the correct lib right?
>  jslib.init(this);
> include (jslib_file);

You put your finger on all problems. I muddled around before I had the
correct library loaded correctly. Then the first thing that worked was
the Date object which didn't need jslib.init nor include. I then
erroneously assumed that these instructions were not needed any more in
the FFox new setup.

Script now runs as it used to, that is flawlessly.

Enno Fennema

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