[Jslib] Seamonkey 2.0 beta 1?

Marcelo mcblista at terra.com.br
Fri Aug 28 16:27:46 PDT 2009

Interviewed by CNN on 4/8/2009 22:14, Marcelo told the world:
> Is there a build compatible with Seamonkey 2.0 beta 1? I wanted to try
> the Suiterunner build, but one of the stumbling blocks was jslib.
> Without jslib, I can't use another extension I really like...

Update: I tried disabling the Extension Version Check on Seamonkey 2
beta 1, and installed JSLib and TagZilla. Despite both being listed as
"incompatible," they seem to be working normally. So, if there is a
maintainer for JSLib, it seems that an official Seamonkey 2-compatible
build is not out of question.


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