[Jslib] jsLib

pd paul at dowling.id.au
Fri Aug 28 01:02:02 PDT 2009

Hi everyone

Firstly, thank you all kindly for the jsLib library. It's made a little dream of mine come true. For a long time I've been following Planet Mozilla daily, seeing FUEL come and go, all the time having a mind's eye image of that red jsLib icon but not really knowing what it was. Finally I've got my head around it and it's exactly what I am after and have been for so long. I come from a Perl/HTML/JS/CSS web design background and I've wanted to convert that into working with Mozilla code for a long time but obviously Perl is the glue in those skills and there's nothing in the Mozilla code that runs Perl.

Anyway, thanks again for your library, it's excellent.

Could you please tell me what the valid arguments are for the FileUtils.run() API method? In general I think the doco for jsLib is quite good but could be better. Maybe I can help as I learn? It would be good to have more examples than the only ones I can find on this brilliant page:


BTW that is the most sensible perspective I've seen regarding working with Mozilla's code base. It sums up the problem with having to write 'infrastructure' code perfectly.

I've grabbed the example from there and I can use it to run a program with a line like this:


however even though that application takes a file path as an argument when run from the Windows XP cmd prompt, I can't get this (for example) to work:


Thanks again for your great work on jsLib everyone, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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