[Jslib] Reading available data on recently closed sockets

Nick P nick.pend at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 15:03:24 PST 2007

I am still attempting to use JSLib as a client for a server.  After the
server sends a reply message, it closes the socket.  Up until the socket is
closed by the server, the XUL client recognizes that there is data
available.  When I built a sample client in VB.net, I was able to read the
available data even after the server closed the socket.  However, with the
JSLib sockets, I have been unable to get it to read the data after the
server closes the socket.

I modified the socket.xul example to with a function that tests to check
three functions for the socket:  isAlive, isConnected, and isOpen --

After I close the server socket, and then call Available, all of three
functions returned true, but available() returns zero.
If I call the function once more, IsAlive and IsOpen are true, but
isConnected is false.

Am I wrong that this data should still be available for reading, or is this
unexpected behavior?

Any suggestions?

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