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Claudio Bizzarri claudio.bizzarri at gmail.com
Fri May 11 08:45:01 PDT 2007


my jslib equipped application is shipped and operative.
Now I've (another) problem:

my blax application replace a VisualBasic executable (and Windows98
clients), this is the schema (use fixed space font, here)

----------   |   --
PrgA      BLAX(jslib)    SER2Net   |     Server (php)
             d? -----------> 3     |
            d=3 <-----------       |
d?  -------------------------------|---------->
                <------------------|-----------  d?
           d=3! -------------------|---------->
3 <--------------------------------|-----------  3

On client machine, blax application get value of d from serial port using
jslib socket and ser2net program. Same client is connected to server via
http, so in a form the user must have value of d: there is an XMLHttpRequest
from Javascript to Server, server send a msg to BLAX, send value to php page
and server send back value to javascript.

Now, the whole application is three years old and my work was only replace
visual basic application with xul one: this task is done and blax.xpi works.

But...   there is some way to remove server call? Can I define a function in
my blax application, pheraps using jslib module, that PrgA (Javascript
coming from in a html page) can use on machine for
ask value of d variable? I want only a simple function

I'm a newbie on xul and javascript, but for now I've found only methods to
exchange datas from chrome to chrome: can you help me (another time!)?

I hope there is a simple and elegant solution for this task that I haven't
found, but anyway I want tank you for you jslib, without this piece of
software my blax was not

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