[Jslib] jsLib Question

Jesse S. mozdev at doxazo.net
Thu May 3 23:56:35 PDT 2007

earlpiggot wrote:
>> That's the jsLib about window. Are you saying that it pops up on it's 
>> own?
> Exactly. It pops up *every time* Fx starts, it just poped up when I
> click the tinypic link in my quoted message, it pops up I guess
> whenever I enter a page running some script.
> It's really irritating and I can't track it down...
> Thank you for your consideration
I can confirm this problem, as I have experienced the same "pop-up on 
start" symptom with the same condition.  I'm running the latest Bon Echo 
(Build ID: 2007050303), FYI.

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