[Jslib] Creating a Module

Pete Collins pete at mozdevgroup.com
Wed Mar 14 13:25:06 PST 2007

Daniel Aquino wrote:

> So is jslib only for wrapping Mozilla based xpcom components?

yes. get rid of all the xpcom instantiation overhead from client code.

> Could I write my own xpcom component,
> and i wanted to write a jslib module to wrap it....

yes you could, but jsLib wouldn't distribute a module that is irrelevant 
to everyone else but you ...

> Would that be a valid jslib module?

?? I don't know what you are asking ??

> Or would I simply provide my own monolithic package?
> I would really like to piggy back jslib and make it a module,
> so its all nicely compartmentalized and accessible via jslib calls...

I don't follow you what you mean here either ...


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