[Jslib] Hello!

Wingnut wingnut at winternet.com
Tue Mar 6 10:22:30 PST 2007

Hi Dan, Pete, Lurkers.

I am struggling with something similar, only NOT using JSLIB so its 
rather impertinent.  But if someone hears of some good socket status 
monitoring code, I'd sure love to hear about it.

My whine...


I heard a rumor that Mac versions of Firefox have the socketEventSink 
all wired-up and coughing-out socket status events.... but... I wouldn't 
know for sure.  A buddy told me he read it somewhere.

Party on, gang!  No news... is... um... not good news. :)


Daniel Aquino wrote:

> Well it looks like the guys on irc.mozilla.org don't really use jslib ...
> shame ...
> But basically to knock off my first question:
> In socket.js, I'm trying to have a status light on my client application
> that shows if the server connection is closed, broken! or connected...  And
> basically the way it seems to work I can't seem to find a good solution to
> handle that...
> It's really a pain that I cant use socket.isAlive in the same stack run as
> socket.open... Actually I'm not even sure what the same stack run would
> be...  Why does this happen?
> I tried to use the observer object for the stream-pump but that seems to
> have weird results because the onStartRequest only fires after some data is
> sent...
> I need a viable way to detect if the connection successfully establishes or
> not after I call socket.open
> Any help?

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