[Jslib] jsLib 0.1.352 xpi

Jane Ocean addonsmirror at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 16:52:09 PDT 2007

Pete Collins sent a subspace message on 6/14/2007 5:02 AM:
>> Also, do you have any plans for making jsLib available on Flock?
> Ok, I added support for Flock to install.rdf:
>    <!-- Flock -->
>    <em:targetApplication>
>      <Description>
>        <em:id>{a463f10c-3994-11da-9945-000d60ca027b}</em:id>
>        <em:minVersion>0.1</em:minVersion>
>        <em:maxVersion>2.0.0.*</em:maxVersion>
>      </Description>
>    </em:targetApplication>
> I pretty much guessed the version ...
> So maybe someone can let me know if it doesn't install.
> --pete

Someone told me that Flock 1.0 was the first version, and then they went 
backward. The current public beta is 0.7.14. The current developer beta 
is (sulfur cormorant). What works on 0.7.x might not 
necessarily work in 0.8.x. So I will test it in both. For min/max, some 
authors use 0.4 - 1.5. I can only test on 0.7.14 and Will get 
back to you shortly with the results.

So are my jsLib listings on the Mirror OK? Do I have your authorization, 
Pete? Or does something need to be added to them?

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