[Jslib] jsLib 0.1.352 xpi

Jane Ocean addonsmirror at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 21:36:52 PDT 2007

Pete Collins sent a subspace message on 6/10/2007 5:58 PM:

> Jane Ocean wrote:

>> I am looking for the xpi file for jsLib 0.1.352, the latest version. 
>> Can't find it on the homepage or download page. Where is it?

>> Latest version I have is 0.1.347.

>  https://www.mozdevgroup.com/dropbox/jslib/signed/jslib_current_signed.xpi

> You should install jsLib from here though:

>  http://jslib.mozdev.org/installation.html

> --pete

Thank you, Pete. I have added that information as well as copyright and 
other disclaimers to our listings for jsLib.


The previous owner of the Mirror may not have obtained your 
authorization for adding your extension to the forum. As its new owner, 
it is my duty to ask. Do we have your blessing for these listings as 
they are, or are other disclaimers or warnings needed? Please let us 
serve you as an authorized mirror.


Also, do you have any plans for making jsLib available on Flock?


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