[Jslib] using jslib to send data to a printer

Joseph McDonald superjoe at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 15:37:10 PST 2007


I need to send data directly to a network printer.  I tried this:

var p = new File("\\\\DELL1\\pix"); // name of network printer
p.exists(); // prints: false

but no dice.

As a work around I created a batch file called junk.bat that contains:
copy  c:\test.prn \\DELL1\pix

and do
var fu = new FileUtils();
it works, but it's kinda clunky, i'd prefer not to write out a file
for every print..., also a "dos box" pops up which is not desirable.

This is some funky label printer that has it's own command language
which is why i can't just go through a print driver.

Any hope of getting this to work?


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