[Jslib] RDF data source release

jym moreofthis at skynet.be
Sun Mar 19 20:22:14 EST 2006

Pete Collins wrote:
>> Any idea of a workaround?
> You should be anle to just QI (Query Interface) into 
> nsIRDFCompositeDataSource and then remove it...
> --pete

Below you can see what I did:

Erases a datasource (linked to an RDF file) from memory.
RDFFile.prototype.unload=function () {

var cds= 

There is no expected result out of this. When I check (using the 
debugger) the cds for included datasources, it shows that it is void, 
which seems quite normal to me since I have not added any datasource to it.

So far it looks like if I do not understand what you try to tell me! 
Where is my mistake?

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