[Jslib] RDF data source release

jym moreofthis at skynet.be
Sun Mar 19 18:00:31 EST 2006

Unfortunately it does not work. I am not working with any composite 
datasources, I am only using RDFFile objects mapped to single remote 
datasources. What I need to do is to remove any "remembrance" of a 
loaded graph prior to reusing the same URI pointing to a completely 
different RDF file this time. In my view I am looking for a way to 
destroy the object which the dsource property of the RDFFile object 
returned at the time of creation points to. So, basically the lifecycle 
of a datasource should be:

1) var obj=new RDFFile(some URI)
2) some stuff I need to do with obj
3) obj.dsource.unload()     // This is the missing link.
4) obj=new RDFFile(the same URI)
5) some stuff I need to do with this brand new RDF graph (and I do not 
want to get my new graph inherits from any elements that were in the old 

Any idea of a workaround?

Pete Collins wrote:
>> Is there any method to release a URI?
> Removes a DataSource:
> http://lxr.mozilla.org/seamonkey/source/rdf/base/idl/nsIRDFCompositeDataSource.idl#86 
> Unregisters a DataSource:
>  http://lxr.mozilla.org/seamonkey/source/rdf/base/idl/nsIRDFService.idl#145 

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